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  • 23 décembre 2019
    Bernard Delhomme

    BY THE AUTHOR OF A MAVERICK NEW ZEALAND WAY, FINALIST IN THE TRAVEL CATEGORY, INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS, MAY 2018. This is not a travel guide. Why ? Because you can’t read a travel guide from cover to cover on the plane. But you can read Mary Jane Walker’s personal account of her adventures in Europe and Turkey. In a flowing narrative that comes with more than 580 photos, maps and other images, Mary Jane will make you feel like you have already arrived. And perhaps even that you have travelled the by-ways of the Old World for years. Ancient pilgrim trails still in use today traverse nations and mountain ranges across Europe and into the eastern Mediterranean region. Mary Jane uses the pilgrim trails of Europe and Turkey to introduce less well-known destinations and hikes, as well some that are better-known. Join Mary Jane as she treks along the winding ancient roads of Old World pilgrims. All across Europe, and beyond into Turkey and the Middle East, there is a maze of walks on which to make incredible discoveries and have plenty of adventures. The best-known is the Camino de Santiago, or St James’s Way, along which a symbolic scallop shell marks the way. Mary Jane hopes to complete it in its entirety, one section at a time. So, strap on your backpack, your walking boots and come along for the ride. Discover little-known walkways and pilgrim trails dating back hundreds of years, as Mary Jane sets out to cover as much ground as she can. Pilgrim ways aren’t just for the religious. People of all ages and walks of life come to walk them. The journey becomes one of learning about other cultures and their interconnected histories and stories. Mary Jane shares her experiences of this in A Maverick Pilgrim Way. Racking up many a mile all over Europe, and east of Istanbul, Mary Jane sets out along the way from Ireland and Portugal in the west to Russia and Turkey in the east. The landscapes and jaw-dropping scenery are one thing – while the people, cultures and histories are another. These histories include the history of Mary Jane’s own Scottish ancestors and their surviving descendants in Edinburgh and Dundee. Walking through cities and over the countryside has been a humbling experience, one in which Mary Jane has met the people and got up close and personal with each of the cultures and countries she visited. Follow Mary Jane and learn about the people she meets, the experiences of her journey and a history of pilgrimages across Europe and the Mediterranean..