(Independently. 2019) : "The True One". récit (en)

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  • 12 décembre 2019
    Bernard Delhomme

    The Pilgrim of Santiago de Compostela (The True One) is the first task of a great mission. On the pages of this book all those who are interested on the way of St. James in Spain will finally understand what that is. Why so many people talk about it, and millions of people every year walk this magic path. What are the reasons that make a person leave his house, his family and go through an adventure like this ? The way is actually symbolic, but it represents all the whole path in our real life. If suddenly after reading this book you receive the call from the Camino, pack your luggage and be sure that nothing is by chance. For some it is going to be just a lovely reading. But for many others, it may be the missing message to understand his own mission. “We have nothing before us, just a way to be walked along at every moment with joy."We can choose the way ahead us. If we are open-hearted, the divine light will surely guide us on the best path.So this is for those who travel through the Spanish lands, taking as compass a starry, fabulous sky, like an invisible master guiding us into ourselves."The Camino de Santiago de Compostela really begins at our doorway when we leave the comfort of our homes seeking something greater."The millennial route is magical and surrounded by people, pilgrims, true divine sparks to enlighten us.The name Compostela comes from Campus Stellae, fields of stars, and Santiago is the apostle James, who chose that place to rest forever, according to legend.This path of light was traversed by the author who tells us, through his reports, his experiences with the divine and with all the magic that surrounds that sacred place .After witnessing this magical journey to the interior of our soul, the reader will understand the special call on the way to Compostela.