(Independently. 2019) : "A miscellany of stories and fish tales". roman (en)

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  • 10 décembre 2019
    Bernard Delhomme

    Leo Sullivan had perfected the ultimate packing list for the Camino. The list included every single item down to the hankie that would be on his body in the left pocket This was a one-page premier ultimate leave-no-needed-item-behind foolproof list ! With this list, nothing could possibly be forgotten. But, once on the trail, what about forgetting people ? This collection of stories presents perfected checklists, purchases required, and some basic etiquette that screams leave no man or woman behind on the well-marked Camino. Leo, Kenny, and Marcello brave the adventure with Sharee, Karen, Cheryl, and Cate. What they experienced as articulated by Cate was a wine-filled, blister-endowed, food-laden, trail-losing, friend-affirming, beauty-replenishing, soul-searching, satiating, enlightening, coffee-permeating, conversation-gratifying, physically enduring, laugh-inducing, Camino !