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  • 8 mars 2022
    Bernard Delhomme

    Carrie Johnson is looking forward to celebrating her seventieth birthday in Santiago de Compostela. But an unexpected phone call turns her plans upside down. Should she go against the wishes of her family and embark on the strenuous Camino across north-western Spain, or start behaving in a way her daughter thinks more suitable for a woman her age ?

    Kit Althorp has everything she always wanted. A husband, daughter, and a home of her own. When her mother flees to Spain, Kit decides to launch a rescue mission to bring her home. But is it Kit, or her mother, who needs rescuing ?

    Lara Gordon is an Australian living in Kathmandu, Nepal. When her old friend Carrie invites her to join her on the Camino de Santiago, Lara jumps at the chance. As well as a relaxing holiday, it also gives Lara the perfect excuse to reconnect with her Spanish boyfriend. When faced with a difficult choice, will Lara finally learn to put the needs of others ahead of her own ?

    Join Carrie, Kit and Lara as they walk the Camino and discover how a vow can deliver enlightenment, a promise can bloom into forgiveness, and a prayer can be answered by a miracle.