(Wipf and Stock. 2018) : "A Compostela pilgrim in France". récit (en)

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  • 19 décembre 2019
    Bernard Delhomme

    Kevin A. Codd’s previous book, To the Field of Stars, has been hailed as a contemporary classic of pilgrim literature and introduced a fresh voice to the world of both travel and spiritual writing. In Beyond Even the Stars, the reader is invited to join this peripatetic American priest as he takes up the Way to Compostela, this time in Leuven, Belgium, and follows it south through much of France. His vivid descriptions of the natural world and the people he meets along the way are delightful, just as his profound reflections on life and death, love and faith, God and grace, are inspiring. ""Beyond Even the Stars is a heartfelt and deeply inspiring book, one that will keep you up way past your bedtime. From it you will learn what the words ’spirituality’ and ’faith’ really mean, and you’ll be thrilled by Kevin Codd’s sharing of his adventures with you. When you finish reading it, you’ll probably want to read it again. Immediately."" —Mitch Finley, author of The Seeker’s Guide to Being Catholic and The Gospel Truth ""Kevin Codd has provided yet another moving testimony to a pilgrimage that has captured the imagination of fellow travelers on the road to Compostela. His latest book adds texture and tenderness to his earlier work, recounts personal setbacks and triumphs, and will inspire all who look to deepen the meaning and purpose of their lives. This is a must read for all who aspire to set out on the way, those who have already made the journey and those who are merely curious to know why so many have made this pilgrim’s trek down the ages."" —Robert Mickens, La Croix International, English Editor Kevin A. Codd is a Roman Catholic priest presently serving as pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Spokane, Washington. From 2001 to 2007 he served as rector-president of The American College in Leuven, Belgium. While there, he was granted a doctorate by the Faculty of Theology of the KU Leuven. He is the author of To the Field of Stars : A Pilgrim’s Journey to Santiago de Compostela.