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  • 13 décembre 2019
    Bernard Delhomme

    Diagnosed with stage three triple negative breast cancer at 34, doctors told April Capil she had a 1 in 3 chance of getting to 40 without a recurrence. Intent on making her next 6 years count, Capil embarked on a "40-by-40" bucket list, which included running the NYC Marathon, skydiving in Colorado, kayaking the Main Salmon, rock-climbing in Moab, seeing an Oprah show, going on a chocolate tour of Paris, swimming with dolphins, learning how to figure skate, publishing a book, and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, among other things. Capil not only checked off everything on the list ; she is still cancer-free ten years later.In April of 2018, Capil decided to pack her bags, hire a house sitter, and get on a plane to tackle an even bigger adventure : walking the Camino Santiago in Northern Spain."Camino de Limon" is her personal diary of 47 days walking the Camino Frances solo, with photos and stories of the pilgrims she met on "The Way."