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  • 28 décembre 2019
    Bernard Delhomme

    Updated February 2019. Camino Easy is a stress-free mature (over 50) walker’s guide to the Camino de Santiago, French Way. This is a "starter kit" and handbook for planning your Camino adventure with a focus on keeping it simple and stress-free.- Please note that this is NOT a detailed guide to the Camino, not by a long shot. There are other excellent guides which provide a high level of detail for every section, route, and village. Camino Easy’s goal is to help individuals who have not taken this sort of trek in the past and have a number of fundamental issues and concerns. When hiking the Camino for the first time, the author found that the detailed guidebooks were wonderful once the trip had started, but these books often lacked the basic guidance needed in planning the walk for the first time.- DO consider acquiring Camino Easy if you are walking some or all of the French Way for the first time, are a mature individual, and are curious about the options available to you. - DO NOT purchase this book if you have hiked the Camino previously or have taken other similar hikes as this book will not provide additional help.- Most Camino guides strive to provide comprehensive details on every aspect, Camino Easy focuses on what you really need for your first Camino. This is a straight-forward guide to when to go, where to hike, what to take, and what supporting services to work with. The book’s mantra and goal for you are "Have fun. Have an adventure. Don’t kill yourself.".