(Independently. 2018) : "Preparing for the Camino and Other Long Treks". pratique (en)

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  • 14 décembre 2019
    Bernard Delhomme

    This book is for everyone thinking about or planning to do a long walk, like the Camino Frances from southern France to Santiago de Compostela a distance of 800 km or nearly 500 miles. The focus is on preparation and so you will have the best chance to successfully reach your destination pain and injury free. Many fail to complete the walk.Mark has walked 5 Camino routes in France, Spain and Portugal as have the other contributors. The book will help you prepare for the Camino Frances and similar long-distance ancient pilgrims’ pathways—or the Inca Trail, which he has also hiked. "Camino Ready. Backpacks, Boots & (no) Blisters"focuses on nine key topics based on Mark’s experience : 1.Boots vs. blisters. Choosing the right boots for long distance walking.2. Walking as a System : Some basic physiology and what to do to avoid problems.3. Clothes for sun, rain, or cold and other handy items.4. A get-fit program. To be physically and mentally prepared.5.Are you a greaser or a strapper ? Protecting your feet each day ; avoiding blisters ; choosing socks.6.Weight creep—a killjoy. Your backpack and contents.7.Water : why, where, and when. It is not just about sipping.8.Trekking or walking poles. Why, what, and how.9.Sundry useful tips. SIM cards, keeping valuables safe, rain gear, free Wi-Fi, et al. There are also two appendices by fellow pilgrims, one on what to expect and how to manage lodging in albergues, the other all about bed bugs with a focus on avoiding them and, if it happens, how to treat the bites and avoid carrying them home.