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  • 30 décembre 2019
    Bernard Delhomme

    Do you think you are too old, too young, or not fit enough for an adventure ?
    This bestselling book has helped many a Camino Dream come true
    Do you want to hike the famous pilgrimage trail, the 500 mile/800 km Camino Frances in Spain, but don’t have 30+ days for that trek ? Or are you terrified of the fitness, research, and planning that is required ?

    The Camino Ingles is the answer !
    The Camino Ingles is one of the Northern Caminos, a Galician pilgrimage trail ending in Santiago de Compostela, a great doable walking adventure for anyone of moderate fitness. You may have heard of the Camino, called variously, St. James Way, or Jacobsweg ; but there are in fact, many Caminos, and the English Way or Camino Ingles is one of them.
    Walking the Camino was a goal of mine last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. I had never even walked five miles, but I wanted to walk the Camino to prove to myself that I could achieve a goal. But, I didn’t have the time for 500 miles, then, I heard of the Camino Ingles. No more excuses ! The shorter time and distance of the Camino Ingles was the clincher, and I set out on a quieter, less travelled and less well documented hike through Spain.
    This book helps you to set a practical goal and achieve it, by showing you exactly how to :
     Walk the Camino Ingles, a Galician route as old as the Camino Frances
     Prepare your mind, body and feet to enjoy the long walk
     Pack and what to discard to travel light
     Plan your travel and arrival in Spain in the shortest time
     Decide on strategies to overcome obstacles
     Find the medieval way posts for an authentic experience
     Enjoy the food of the region
     Book, or not book your bed for a good nights’ rest
     Get your Compostela in Santiago
     Find more information if you really want it
    Follow this book to complete a real pilgrimage trek in only 6 days, there is enough detail to guide you each day. Go on, what’s stopping you ? It’s only one step at a time !