(GBR. London, Aurum Press. 2017 / Frances Lincoln. 2021 ) ; " The Ancient Way of Saint James Pilgrimage Route from the French Pyrenees to Santiago De Compostela".

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  • 21 novembre 2013
    Bernard Delhomme

    Sergi Ramis has produced a well written and easy to use guide to the Camino de Santiago via the Camino Frances. It was not written for the historian or somebody interested in the culture and art to be found along the way, albeit that these facts are not overlooked. It is a walkers guide with plenty of solid advice ; a readable and practical guide to the route, written by somebody who has personally completed the Way of St James, who clearly wants to inspire others to share this fascinating experience along an ancient pilgrimage trail. Credit should also be given to the translation by Peter Barraclough who skillfully manages to provide a comprehensive translation from the Spanish version into easily read English.