2What about accommodation ?2

In France, there are gîtes d’étape , communal and private, all along the road from Le Puy, which coincides with the national long-distance footpath, the GR 65. Everybody can use these facilities. These gîtes put at your disposal a bunk and blankets, hot showers, and cooking facilities. So you need only carry a sheet sleeping bag (in the winter you will need a sleeping bag of down). Reservation is recommended during the high season, although it is not really according the spirit of the pilgrimage. On the road of Arles, where there are not many gîtes, there is a chain of bed & breakfast accommodations : « passants-pèlerins » (a credencial is required). Please contact the Tourist Office of Arles or the pilgrim office : 06 83 26 13 16. On the road from Vézelay the number of refuges for pilgrims is increasing. There are also some bed & breakfast options,. They are listed in the guidebook that is edited by the association of the road of Vézelay.

In Spain there are refugios de peregrinos all along the « Camino francès ». There is no advance reservation. The refugios are similar to the gîtes d’étape, but are reserved for pilgrims carrying a credencial. Often –especially in summer- a volunteer warden –hospitalero- will welcome you. You need a sleeping bag of down during the cold season, and a sleeping mat. Most refugios now have hot showers and cooking facilities. They charge between 5 and 7 Euros, except in Galicia where the refugios are usually free (????), but then a donation seems in place. Some refugios are only available in school holidays. In winter it is necessary to check out the available accommodation on the next stage. Camping is available often. Priority is given in the summer months to individual walking pilgrims with no vehicular support. Groups and cyclists may be asked to wait for admission until early evening. At other times discretion will be used.