2How to become a hospitalero ?2

You can become a hospitalero in France and in Spain. In France, especially the refuges in Conques, Estaing and Moissac are often looking for hospitaliers for about a fortnight. You might be useful on the roads from Tours, Vézelay or Arles also. The role of the hospitalero is to welcome the pilgrims, to show them around the refuge, to serve them meals and to do some housekeeping. Sometimes you have to prepare the meals as well.

In Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, the role of the volunteer of the « Accueil Saint-Jacques » is more like a receptionist: to welcome the pilgrims, to strengthen them if necessary after a long march, to inform them about the hard stage which takes them to Roncevaux (Roncesvalles), especially if they come by train and are not experienced walkers, to assist them to find a place to sleep, which is not always easy; to inform tourists who are interested in the “ Camino”. Besides French, the volunteer has to able to speak another language and, of course, has to have done the “Camino”. In Spain, it is necessary to speak Spanish well and if possible another language also. You can check the website http://www.jacobeo.net/ for refugios who are looking for hospitaleros.