(ESP. auteur. 2014) : "Letters for Pilgrims". récit (en)

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  • 6 octobre 2014
    Bernard Delhomme

    El Camino de Santiago de Compostela (or Way of St. James, in English) is one of the three most important pilgrimage routes in the Christian world. Throughout its centuries old history, kings, popes, famous actors and writers have journeyed the path and thousands of people continue to do so annually. The reason we are moved to pilgrimage is two-faceted : there is an interior and an exterior motive. With this in mind, “The Way to Santiago, the Way of the Heart” is born. The book is filled with beautiful images, inviting you to perambulate down this mystic trail in northern Spain. The book is divided into “letters”, journaling the days along the way from France. Each one covers a topic related to the experience of the pilgrim on the Way to Santiago and it takes us on the interior journey through reflections, exercises and visualizations so that we can discover the path of our soul.