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  • 13 mars 2011
    Bernard Delhomme

    Germany to Rome in 64 days : Our Pilgrimage is a book about our pilgrimage from Kisslegg, Germany to Rome. It’s about how my wife, Petra, and I interacted with the people we met and the places we walked through on this pilgrimage. It’s also about the path itself and its many faces. And it’s the story of our internal pilgrimages through our souls, minds, hearts, and spirits as we walked that external path through Germany, Austria, and Italy to Rome.

    To put it in a broader perspective, this book is about how we celebrated this ten weeks of our lives and some of the things we want to take from it to enrich our ongoing pilgrimage of life. And as we tell our story we drop a few hints on how you might use some of what we learned when you choose to take a similar pilgrimage.