(Bookbaby . 2019) : "Changing my life one step at a time on the Camino de Santiago". récit (en)

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  • 10 décembre 2019
    Bernard Delhomme

    "Do you like going for long walks ?" Being asked this question by a fellow pilgrim, or peregrino, a few days into my month-long journey walking 500 miles across northern Spain seems ridiculous. And then I realize it’s a brilliant question. It seeks to answer why someone would embark on such a challenge.Honestly, I don’t like walking. So why would I – or anyone – take a month off from work and life leaving their family behind to walk the Camino de Santiago ?The physical, mental, and spiritual journey that is the Camino is profoundly personal yet universally transformational. The greatest challenge is staying transformed when you get off the trail and go back home to your normal life.Walk with Blaine Rada as he shares his daily diary filled with insights, humor, and his quest for meaning. And chocolate milk. From Sore Soles to a Soaring Soul is the book he never intended to write. And is so glad he did. All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to charities that support the Camino.